Cannabis in Phuket
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If you are in Phuket as local or tourist you are now able to enjoy the benefits of Cannabis.

Thailand Plug does offer a huge selection of high quality products which can be delivered in under 1 hour via Grab.

Or if you do want to get it delivered to anywhere else in Thailand we try to get your product to your in roughly 24hours so you can quickly enjoy its benefits.

We do offer a huge selection of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid Flowers with high THC and also other Cannabis products with CBD.

You will find the most tasteful flowers in our online and offline shop.

Especially in Phuket, Bangkog, Pattaya but many other cities many people enjoy our marijuana on a daily basis.

We directly sell to people but also to many businesses, so in case you visit a local “coffeshop” or cannabis dispensary/shop, you are most likely consuming our products since they source from us.

We clearly offer the best cannabis in Phuket.

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