Thailand cannabis legalization
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In june 2022, Thailand did announce that they just legalized all cannabis related products.

The interesting part here is that there is only a THC limit of 0.2% in tinctures, edibles and more.

So this means Thailand cannabis flowers can contain high THC levels like normal in the Netherlands or USA some of the exotic strains range up to 25% THC.

Thailand legalised cultivating and consuming cannabis this month, reversing a hard-line approach of long prison sentences or even the death penalty for drug offences.

Cafés and stalls have been openly selling all kinds of cannabis products, or showing off jars filled with potent marijuana flowers. The minister for public health, Anutin Charnvirakul 

“One thing is clear. You cannot go to jail in Thailand just for using cannabis any more,”

“You can go to jail for doing other things, like smoking in public, as a public nuisance, or creating and selling a product from cannabis that you did not get approval for from the Food and Drug Administration.

But Thailand is the first country in Asia where you cannot go to jail for growing or using the plant.”

It is also about business estimates exist that the marijuana business will generate $10bn (£8.1bn) in its first three years, but could earn a lot more from cannabis tourism, where people come to Thailand specifically for therapies and treatments using marijuana extracts.

Thai officials gave away one million marijuana plants to inspire its use.

However, government officials are making it clear that the law does not condone the drugs recreational use.

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