So why can we do this in a legal way?

It started in 2022 which has been a significant year for cannabis in Thailand. In January, Thailand became the first country in Asia to decriminalize cannabis (With THC limits though)

In June 2022 this barrier passed for Flowers and sellers are allowed to sell high THC Flowers and more!

So Thailand removed cannabis from the narcotics list, which fully legalizes cannabis!

5 Factors about Thailand Cannabis now

  1. CBD or “hemp” based cannabis products are completely legal in Thailand without limits
  2. Marijuana can be homegrown if approved by the Thailand government. Approved homegrown cannabis is created with medical intent.
  3. Marijuana with a THC content of 0.2% or more must be used only for “medical purposes” and registered with the Thailand Food and Drug Administration.
  4. If one is caught using a marijuana product with 0.2% THC content or higher in public for recreational use, he or she can be sent to jail for an extended period and may have to pay high fines.
  5. Cannabis being officially decriminalized, in essence, means components of the plant including the bud and seeds can now be legally used for medical or science-related reasons. Decriminalization is not a pass for one to go smoke marijuana for recreation. This is still a serious offense in the country of Thailand.

We do recommend only using cannabis for health benefits and in private communities/your home

You should not smoke high THC products outside yet.

Our products are fully legal and 100% from farmers who have all required licenses and even work with/for the government.

They are also used in clinics and other high-standard institutes, so we ensure the best quality on the market.