Who are we?

We are a group of entrepreneurs from Germany,  Thailand, Netherlands and the USA.

We are well connected and work with some of the biggest medical brands in the world already (mainly Europe and USA)

We are extending our business to Thailand, including bringing local investments and resources to the space to develop faster and further.

Thailand Plug is proud to support local farmers and does help them with infrastructure, sales, investment, resources, Hardware, Marketing and so much more.

We use our experience in the medical Cannabis Industry to provide the best and highest quality standard products for the Cannabis market in Thailand

What we do

Thailand Plug is one of the biggest Cannabis Resellers/Wholesalers in Thailand, selling to shops, other resellers, restaurants, clinics and so many other businesses. We are happy to supply you too.

In addition to that, we are currently extending our brand with physical stores, an online delivery business and own accessories (papers, grinder, bongs,filters and more)

What is a Cannabis Plug ?

A cannabis plug is one of the oldest slangs for a cannabis supplier that you trust (your friendly neighborhood dealer back in the days) the only difference is that we supply only the highest quality.

Definition: Slang term meaning a supplier of cannabis, ranging from mass distributors to trusted local dealers.

Where is our Main office?

We have our main office and packaging operations etc. mainly in Phuket and surrounding areas, but as mentioned we do deliver all over Thailand.